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Signing In to Social

Sign in to Adobe Social using your web browser.
As part of its integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Social offers Shared Assets functionality, as well as a Mobile App:
Functionality: Description:
Shared Assets
Shared Assets: Adobe offers a shared asset repository so that you can share assets and folders between the Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud .
For more information, see Share Marketing Cloud Folders and Assets with Creative Cloud in the Marketing Cloud and Core Services Product Documentation .
Adobe Social Mobile App
Social offers a mobile app for Publishing and Content Calendar workflows. You can create, manage, and publish posts with all the features of Social in an easy-to-use iPhone app.
For more information, see Adobe Social Mobile App .
In order to use these features, you first must log in to the Marketing Cloud using your own Adobe ID.
This section shows you how to create and/or connect your Adobe ID to the Marketing Cloud and Social. After you do this once, you can sign into Social on both your mobile app and desktop using your Adobe ID as well as leverage the shared assets functionality.
  1. Click Sign in with an Adobe ID .
    Depending on whether or not you have an Adobe ID and are logged in already, you will see one of two screens:
  • If you are not logged in to the Adobe Marketing Cloud or you do not have an Adobe ID, the following screen displays:
    Depending on your situation, do one of the following:
    • If you have an Adobe ID but are not currently logged in to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, click Sign In , type your credentials, then click Sign In again.
    • If you do not have an Adobe ID, click Get an Adobe ID , then create a new ID with your email address by following the onscreen instructions.
  • If you already have an Adobe ID and are logged in to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, the following screen displays:
    Select Adobe ID Personal Account , type your credentials, then click Sign In .
    How do you know if you have an Adobe ID? If you are already a user of the online Creative Cloud or Document Cloud (such as Adobe Acrobat online), you likely have an Adobe ID. You can use this for the Adobe Marketing Cloud as well, including Social. If you are unsure, type your email in the sign-in screen and Adobe will look you up.
You can now use your Adobe ID to log into Adobe Social. You can do this either of two ways:
  • Navigate to and log in with your Adobe ID.
    To navigate between solutions, use the > icon in the menu bar at the top:
    Any solutions you will have linked appear in color. In the above example, this user has linked Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social to his or her Adobe ID. Click the Social icon for Adobe Social.
  • Navigate to , then click Sign in with Adobe ID .
After you successfully sign in to Marketing Cloud for the first time, you must link your Social account to your Adobe ID. You only need to do this once. For more information, see Linking Your Social Account to the Marketing Cloud .