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Owned Data Mappings

Download an Excel spreadsheet containing Social platform data metrics and definitions for the respective metrics and definitions found in Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics.
If you assign a campaign to a post, Social automatically appends parameters to the post's URL that tie your campaign to your social engagement data visible in Adobe Analytics. For more information, see Publish Anywhere .
Social adds many new metrics for owned social properties to pull in campaign conversion data, in addition to those previously accessible from the Metric Selector in Analytics. More metrics will be supported in the future.
Due to low customer value and adoption, Adobe Social no longer supports YouTube video publishing and metrics for owned YouTube channels.

Owned Social Engagement Metrics Available in Analytics

Download a PDF document that contains a list of all available Social engagement metrics with their definitions.

Owned Data Mappings

The Owned Data Mappings spreadsheet contains a list of all available Social engagement metrics, their definitions, and the corresponding Adobe Analytics variable names. You can use this spreadsheet if you work with your Analytics implementation team and need additional information not found in the PDF document mentioned above.
As you review the spreadsheet, keep the following information in mind:
  • Data is broken out into separate sheet tabs for each platform's posts and property data.
  • Each worksheet has the following columns:
    Platform Title
    The name of the metric provided by the social platform.
    Facebook Dimension
    (Facebook only) The dimension for that respective metric. For example, the metric "Lifetime Talking About This (Post) by action type" has three possible dimensions: Likes, Comments, and Shares.
    Platform Definition
    The definition of the metric provided by the social platform.
    Adobe Social Name
    The name given to the metric in Adobe Social.
    Adobe Social Definition
    The definition given to the metric in Adobe Social.
    Adobe Analytics Variable
    The name given to the metric in Adobe Analytics via the "Owned Social Definition" variable. The Insight Type placeholder value can vary based on the metric.
    Adobe Analytics Variable (Example)
    An example for the variable is given with the <Insight Type> populated with the actual value.
  • The breakdown of the Adobe Analytics Variable is as follows:
    platform : post or property : insight type : insight value : metric
  • When an Adobe Analytics variable contains _total at the end, the value is an aggregated total for that date.
    For example, facebook:post:action_type:comment:post_stories_total means it's the lifetime comments for the post to date, where as facebook:post:action_type:comment:post_stories means it's the comments that occurred on that date.
  • n/a means that is no value for that cell.

Guide to Owned Social Data

Download a PDF document that is meant to help both digital and social analysts understand and use Adobe Analytics for owned social data available through integration with Adobe Social. With this guide, Analytics users should be able to include social data in reports, dashboards, Analysis Workspace, and Report Builder templates.