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Understanding the Social and Analytics Integration

Adobe Social combines data collected from the social web with Adobe Analytics data. This data is collected from visitors to your website, Facebook pages, Google+ pages, Twitter followers, and users of your Facebook page applications.
Brand names, product names, and company names represent your business. Conversations about these terms constantly occur on the social web.
In addition to these conversations on the social web, your Analytics implementation provides you with a wealth of information gathered from visitors who access your organization's website or page to consume content. This information includes the number of visitors to your website or page, the number of application users, the number of products purchased, the amount of revenue, and so forth.
As a marketer, you need to understand the conversations on the social web in terms of quantity and quality. More importantly, you need to understand how these conversations affect the rest of your business. For example, when an increasing number of people mention your products on Twitter, does your website see a corresponding increase in visitors and purchases?
The Social/Analytics integration combines data gathered from the social web with data collected from consumers of your content. Social seamlessly combines social analytics with quantitative analytics gathered by Analytics to help you tie activity on the social web with core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Social aggregates all relevant activity from social networks and identifies how that activity impacts key business metrics and brand perception. This information ultimately helps you guide social activity across channels and drive ROI.
Social helps customers monitor and measure the social web to see their valuable social data in context with all of their online initiatives. This helps marketers get quick answers to business questions such as:
  • What is social media's impact on my business?
  • How are our social initiatives and conversations driving conversion of revenue?
  • Who are the social influencers for my business?
  • When positive social sentiment peaks, does our web traffic peak or are our conversion metrics positively impacted?
Many of the concepts in this guide are covered in more detail in the Adobe Analytics help . Because Social and Analytics are tightly integrated, a good understanding of Analytics and its features is important to fully understand Social.