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Create Auto-Delete Moderation Rules

Create moderation rules that automatically delete posts containing specified words that you never want to appear on your Facebook pages.
As a best practice, we recommend that you allow only Admin users the permissions necessary to define moderation rules. For more information, see Add User Group, Permissions, and Members .
  1. Click Moderation > Unified Moderation Rules .
  2. Click Add New Rule > Auto Delete .
  3. Fill in the fields:
    Display Name: Specify a descriptive name for the moderation rule.
    Platforms: Select All Pages to apply this rule to all of your owned Facebook pages, or select Specific Pages then select one or more Facebook pages to apply this rule to those pages only.
    Filters: Specify the desired keywords. Specify a word, press Enter, then specify a new word. You can also paste a list that you created in Word or a text editor into the box. Click Use Adobe Social Default "Bad Words" List to use a pre-populated list. You can add or remove words from the default list, as needed.
    Email: Specify one or more email address. Notification messages are sent to these addresses when a post is automatically removed from the specified Facebook pages based on this rule. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.
    As best practice, we recommend that you leverage the email notification feature, especially when creating new rules, so that you can monitor the content being deleted. You can then adjust the rules as necessary.
  4. Click Save .
    A message displays informing you that the rule was successfully created but not activated. Click Activate or No, Activate Later . If you choose to activate this rule at a later time, use the Activate toggle on the Rules page ( Moderation > Unified Moderation Rules) to activate the rule.
    After you activate this rule, Social scans for direct keyword matches and automatically deletes all top-level posts, comments, and replies (regardless of the author) on your owned Facebook pages based on the settings in the rule.