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Create a New Moderation Feed

Create a new moderation feed that displays posts from a single social platform or posts that have been escalated from within Social. You can then display this feed in a list layout (single column) or in a column layout (side-by-side columns).
You can create as many feeds as necessary. However, you can display as many as ten feeds at a time.
  1. Click Moderation > Unified Moderation .
  2. Click Add Feed , then select the desired feed type: Escalations, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.
    The configuration options vary depending on the selected feed type. Some types display two tabs ( Filters and Settings) and other types display only one tab ( Filters).
  3. Provide a descriptive name for the feed.
    A descriptive name helps you quickly locate a specific feed if you have many saved feeds. The name can also help you quickly understand the feed's purpose and settings.
    For example, you could create a filter that includes content with positive sentiment scores and high follower numbers, and name the filter "Influencers." Or, you could create a filter of escalations assigned to you and name it "My Escalations."
  4. Configure the feed: