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Publish Anywhere

Publishing is the most-used capability within Adobe Social. Publish Anywhere makes the ability to publish content to social networks available from anywhere within Social.
Content creation is not an isolated process. It usually occurs while browsing other relevant content or looking at already planned content. Previously, there were several places within Social to view content, but only a few places from which to create it (the Publisher and Content Calendar .
Publish Anywhere is a portable, easy to use, lightweight publisher that can be launched from anywhere within the product. Users can retain the context of the page and still work on the content being authored.
Publish Anywhere has advanced publishing capabilities and can be used as the single place to create all content within Social. Publish Anywhere provides powerful capabilities, such as link shortening, rich media, and scheduling.
Publish Anywhere is available throughout Social and can be accessed by clicking Create New Post at the bottom of any page within Social.
The following illustration shows the Publish Anywhere feature at the bottom of the Social Buzz report.
Click Create New Post to open Publish Anywhere.