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Facebook @mentions

Use Facebook @mentions functionality to cross-promote content and increase reach and audience awareness in your collaborative efforts with other brands, talent, and places.
If you type an @ symbol and begin typing the name of a public Facebook page, a drop-down list displays that lets you select the desired page. For example, suppose you type, "Great day at @Adobe." As you begin typing "Adobe," Social performs a type-ahead search to populate a drop-down list of public pages that match your text. Simply select the desired page to tag it and ensure that page's audience sees your content.
Note the following information about the @mentions functionality:
  • The @mentions functionality is available only in Publish Anywhere. This functionality is not available in the Publisher.
  • The @mentions functionality applies to public Facebook pages only. This functionality does not apply to users/profiles. A famous person will most likely have a public page, not a user page. As a result, in many instances, public pages of famous people that you mention are available in the drop-down list.
  • The @mention functionality is not currently supported in Social Moderation.