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Re-authorize Properties

Re-authorize a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Sina Weibo property and grant permissions after making a change to the property, such as changing your password.
As best practice, we recommend that you log out of all of your property accounts before performing the steps in this procedure. If you are logged in to other accounts, you can easily authorize accounts that you do not want to manage using Social. As you perform these steps, you will be able to explicitly log in to the desired accounts.
  1. Click Settings > Properties .
    By default, all properties for your account display. If a property needs to be re-authorized, a warning icon ( ) displays next to its name.
  2. (Conditional) Click Show Filters , then select Needs Authorization under Authorization to display only properties that need re-authorization.
  3. Click the warning icon ( ) that displays next to the property's name.
  4. Click Re-authorize this Property at the top of the page.
    (Facebook only) A prompt displays asking if you want to leave the Property Management page if you are trying to re-authorize a Facebook page. Managing property authorization for a Facebook page requires leaving the Property Management page and all pending changes will be lost. Click Yes to continue. This prompt does not display for other platforms and you are not required to leave the Property Managementpage.
    In order to re-authorize a Facebook page, a user must be a Admin or Editor in Facebook. For more information, see the Facebook Help Center website .
  5. Follow the prompts from the property (Facebook, Twitter, and so forth) to grant permissions and to re-authorize the account.
  6. Ensure that any previously scheduled posts are still visible in the Content Calendar List View.
    For more information, see Content Calendar List View .