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Social Tags

Use Social Tags as a centralized location to manage tags for use throughout Social.
The GetPostData API method will continue to return legacy Publisher tags until further notice.
Social Tags help classify content within Social. For example, you can tag social contact profiles, inbound content in moderation feeds, and outbound posts created in the Content Calendar or Publisher.
Information associated with Social Tags is not viewable outside of the Social product. Facebook fans and Twitter followers, for example, cannot see this information.
Social Tags help you classify content. For example, an online clothing merchant could create individual tags for the four seasons, grouped in a tag group named "Women's Clothing." These tags let you classify and view content by season or by the tag group if you want to roll data up into broader categories.
Social Tags that are applied in Adobe Social can be reported on in Adobe Analytics. For help on getting this set up, please contact your Adobe Social account manager or Social Support.
Examples of uses for Social Tags include the following:
  • Posts Report: You can filter the Posts report to show only those incoming posts that users in your organization have assigned specific tags during moderation. For example, an online clothing merchant could tag incoming posts that mention its Spring collection and then filter the report to show only those posts.
  • Content Calendar: You can filter the Content Calendar to display only outgoing posts that have been assigned specific tags during creation. For example, an online clothing merchant could filter on the "Spring" tag to display only outgoing content that has been assigned that tag.
  • Moderation Feeds: While moderating a feed, you can assign various tags to individual posts and tweets. You can then create new moderation feeds that display only content that has been assigned to specific tags. For example, you could tag content with a tag named "Unhappy Customer." You could then create a new moderation feed to display only posts and tweets from unhappy customers so that you can respond to them later without losing track of them.
  • Social Contact: While moderating content, you can click a user's avatar image or name to display that user's social contact information. You could then assign specific tags to that user, such as "Influencer." From now on, whenever a listening rule captures content from that user, and, if you have a moderation feed set up to display content from influencers, that post or tweet displays in that moderation feed.
The permissions-based Social Tags feature lets you control the access and creation of tag groups and Social Tags in your Social implementation. The Social Tags feature helps to ensure that the strategies your organization uses to measure performance using Social Tags is followed and that the use of tags is consistent throughout Social and your internal teams. Contact your Social Account Manager to have the Social Tags permissions set up in Adobe Social (this permission cannot be configured in the Social UI).
Legacy tags that you created in Social appear as a new group. You can edit them as needed.