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Using the Visual Experience Composer for Single Page Applications (SPA VEC) in Adobe Target

The SPA VEC enables marketers to create tests and personalize content in SPAs in a do-it-yourself fashion without continuous development dependencies. The VEC can be used to create A/B Tests and Experience Targeting (XT) activities in apps built with popular frameworks, such as React and Angular.


  • The SPA VEC can be used to create A/B and Auto-Allocate tests and Experience Targeting (XT) activities
  • The SPA VEC does not support Auto Target, Automated Personalization, or Recommendations activities
  • The SPA VEC supports A4T, Experience Cloud Audiences, and Customer Attributes integrations
  • All VEC actions are supported in single page apps, including custom code
  • VEC actions can be applied to a single view or to the page load event
  • Different modifications can be added to different views without having to use the Additional Pages option
  • at.js 2.0+
    and the
    function must be implemented in the app before you can use the SPA VEC