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Target Automated Personalization offers

In an Automated Personalization activity, you can target offers to specific audiences.
Using this functionality reduces the number of offers a specific visitor is qualified to see. For example consider an Automated Personalization (AP) activity that has three offers. Offer 1 has a targeting rule that limits its exposure only to Audience A. Two visitors saw this AP activity.
Visitor 1
Visitor 2
Audience Qualification
Audience A
Audience B
Offer 1 Target personalization model score
Offer 2 Target personalization model score
Offer 3 Target personalization model score
In this scenario, Visitor 1 would see Offer 1 (because he or she qualifies as part of Audience A), which is that visitor's highest score. However, Visitor 2 would see Offer 2 even though his or her highest score is for Offer 1, because Visitor 2 is not part of Audience A. This example demonstrates why targeting rules should be used sparingly to meet business needs. Adding these rules can reduce the effectiveness of Target's personalization models.

Set up Targeting rules

  1. Create an Automated Personalization activity containing the offers you want to target.
  2. After setting up the offers for the activity in the Visual Experience Composer, click Content.
    The Manage Content dialog box opens.
    You can set up 50 locations, and up to 250 offers per location.
  3. In the Content column, select the offer, then click Targeting and choose the audiences you want to qualify to see that offer.
    Only the selected audiences will be presented that offer.
    In addition to selecting an existing audience, you can combine multiple audiences to create ad hoc combined audiences rather than creating a new audience. For more information, see Combining Multiple Audiences.
  4. Click Done.