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Activity notifications

Target can exchange notifications with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions using Adobe Pulse. Target sends two kinds of notifications for all activity types: when an activity becomes live and when an activity is deactivated.
Notifications from Target can be seen in all solutions by users who have a Experience Cloudproduct context of Target Standard/Premium.
For information about setting up Notifications, see Enable notifications in the Adobe Experience Cloud documentation.
Access Notifications from anywhere in Target, except from within the activity creation workflow. Click the bell icon in the page header to display or hide the notifications widget.
Target sends two kinds of notifications for all activity types:
  • When an activity becomes live and offer delivery begins:
    For example:
  • When an activity is deactivated and offer delivery ceases:
    For example:
Similar notifications also appear when a scheduled activity reaches its start date, and when it ends upon reaching its end date.
All Target notifications display the name of activity that was approved or deactivated, and include the words "Adobe Target" for easy identification.
If a single activity sends multiple notifications of the same type, they are combined into a single card with the number of notifications displayed in it. For example:
Click the notification card to view details of each individual notification.
For example, if you click the card shown above, the three notifications display:


  • Notifications do not tell you who approved, deactivated, or imported the activity.
  • MVT notifications appear as "A/B Test" because they are synchronized as A/B campaigns in Target Classic.