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Adobe Target API overview

Adobe Target APIs can be grouped according to type.
API type
What it enables you to do
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Create, modify, and delete activities, audiences, offers, and other objects (including Recommendations entities, criteria, designs, and so on. The Recommendations APIs are a type of admin API.)
Use Recommendations APIs in Adobe Target Tutorials
Retrieve optimized and personalized content from Target for delivery to an end user.
Export activity results and other reporting results.
Reporting APIs are included within the Target Admin API Postman collection .
Retrieve and modify user profiles stored in Adobe Target.
There are important distinctions between Target Admin APIs (including the Recommendations APIs) and Target Delivery APIs:
  • Admin APIs let you configure various aspects of Target that you could also configure in the Target UI. Admin APIs require authentication.
  • Delivery APIs let you retrieve content. Delivery APIs do not require authentication.
To use Target Admin APIs, you first need to configure authentication using Adobe I/O. For more information, see Configure Authentication in Adobe Target Tutorials .