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You can create audiences based on network details.
  1. In the Target interface, click Audiences > Create Audience .
  2. Name the audience.
  3. Click Add Rule > Network .
  4. Click Select , then select one of the following options:
    • ISP: An ISP is an organization that provides internet access to its subscribers, usually at a monthly or yearly fee. Many ISPs provide additional services, such as web hosting or email. The ISP field is either a commercial ISP (such as Comcast or TimeWarner) or another entity such as a business or educational institution.
      The following are some examples of popular ISPs in the United States:
      Popular Name
      ISP Name
      Domain Name
      Sample IP Address
      Cablevision Systems Corp.
      Qwest Communications Company, LLC
      Charter Communications
      Charter Communications
      Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
      Cox Communications Inc.
      MegaPath Corporation
      Time Warner
      Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
      Verizon FiOS
      MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
      Smartrove Inc.
      AT&T Wireless
      Sprint mobile
      Sprint Personal Communications Systems
      ip address
      T-Mobile USA, Inc.
      ip address
      Verizon Wireless
      Cellco Parternship DBA Verizon Wireless
      When targeting based on ISP, use the ISP name, not the popular name. Ensure that you build the rule to be case-insensitive or always use lowercase format.
      You can test the ISP and domain name values. is a good resource for targeting purposes. You can use the sample IP addresses given in the table above, or enter your own. Then use the themboxOverride.browserIp= URL parameter to mimic that IP address.
    • Domain Name: This is the domain name for the visitor's IP address. This is not the domain name of the website you are using with Target. This domain name is related to the visitor's IP address and is sometimes called a hostname. It is usually very similar to the ISP name. Sometimes the hostname references older names of companies that have rebranded their ISP name but not the domain name.
    • Connection Speed: This is the speed of the visitor's connection to the internet. Options include: broadband, cable, dialup, mobile, oc3, oc12, satellite, t1, t2, and wireless, and xdsl.
      This field is based on the type of connection and not the actual speed itself. Target cannot determine the exact connection speeds of connections. The Broadband connection type is used when there is no indication of other connection types so a specific type cannot be chosen.
  5. (Optional) Click Add Rule and set up additional rules for the audience.
  6. Click Save .
The following illustration shows an audience that targets visitors using AT&T with a connection speed of Mobile.

Training Video: Creating Audiences

This video includes information about using audience categories.
  • Create audiences
  • Define audience categories