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Traffic Sources

Create audiences to target visitors based on the search engine or landing page that refers them to your site.
For example, you can target based on the visitor's browser, search engine, or the referring landing page. The referring landing page is the page the visitor clicked from to reach the current site this session. (For example, if the visitor clicked an ad on Google and it leads him or her to the home page, the referring landing page is .)
You can combine multiple traffic sources to create a complex targeting rule.
  1. In the Target interface, click Audiences > Create Audience .
  2. Name the audience.
  3. Click Add Rule > Traffic Sources .
  4. Click Select , then select one of the following options:
    • From Baidu
    • From Bing
    • From Google
    • From Yahoo
    • Referring Landing Page: URL
    • Referring Landing Page: Domain
    • Referring Landing Page: Query
    Depending on your selection, you might need to provide additional information (evaluator and/or values).
  5. (Optional) Click Add Rule and set up additional rules for the audience.
  6. Click Save .
You can target users who are referred to your site by a specific search engine or from a specific landing page.

Training video: Creating Audiences

This video includes information about using audience categories.
  • Create audiences
  • Define audience categories