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Visitor profile lifetime

By default, a visitor profile expires after 14 days of inactivity for that visitor. This profile lifetime can be extended.
Contact Client Care or your Adobe consultant to extend the profile lifetime at no additional cost. The lifetime can be set to as many as 90 days.
The Target JavaScript library you are using ( at.js or mbox.js) determines whether or not you need to download a new file:
Target Library
You do not need to download a new at.js file if your profile is extended beyond the default.
If your profile is extended beyond the 14-day default, you must download a new mbox.js file after your consultant or Client Care changes your settings. The cookie extension to support the changed profile lifetime is included in the updated mbox.js file. After you start using the new library, your visitors' profile lifetimes will update.
The expiration date is not reset for existing profiles. If a previous visitor does not return for 15 days, that profile expires. If a previous visitor returns before the original two-week profile expires, the profile is reset to the extended lifetime. All new visitor profiles are set to the extended profile lifetime.
In the following scenario, assume that one or both sites are implemented with mbox.js, which requires a code update after the profile is updated. If both sites are under one client code and a visitor visits both sites, the profile is set to the lifetime of profiles on whichever site was visited last. For example, if Site 1 has an 84-day profile lifetime and Site 2 has a 14-day lifetime, and the visitor visits Site 1 and then Site 2, that visitor's profile will expire in 14 days of inactivity. If the visitor visits Site 1 after visiting Site 2, the profile will expire in 84 days of inactivity.