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Resources and Contact Information

Information about additional resources to help you learn about Target features and how to contact Adobe should you need help with Target.

Target Community Forum

The Target Community is your one-stop shop for everything Adobe Target.
The Community lets you:
  • Learn more about what Target has to offer
  • Connect with your peers and Adobe Experts
  • Vote or submit an idea of your own for a future Target Release
Visit the Target Community Forum to get started.

Target Basics Webinar Series

Registration information and links to previous sessions of the Target Basics Webinar Series, a Customer Success Webinar Series brought to you by the Community.

Adobe Customer Care Office Hours

"Office Hours" is an initiative led by the Adobe Customer Care team. These sessions are designed to inform as well as help participants troubleshoot problems, and provide tips and tricks to be successful with the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Target.
To sign up for upcoming sessions and to watch recorded sessions, see Adobe Customer Care Office Hours.
Current recorded Target sessions include:
Topic / Runtime / Recording Date
What you will learn
December 2017
You will learn:
  • How the VEC works
  • How to avoid common issues with the VEC
  • Work-around practices you can use with the VEC
For more information in this guide, see Experiences.
January 2018
You will learn:
  • How to set up and validate that the integration is working
  • How the integration works
  • Learn about the ideal reports to use in Analytics
  • Answers to common questions about A4T
April 2018
You will learn:
  • How the at.js library works
  • The advantages of at.js over mbox.js
  • How at.js manages flicker
  • Error handling in at.js
  • Debugging methodologies
  • Known issues and future roadmap
For more information in this guide, see at.js Implementation.
The publish date lets you know when the session was recorded. Some features might have changed and additional functionality added since the publish date.
In addition it sessions about Target, there are other sessions for other Adobe solutions, including Analytics, Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Primetime, Adobe Core Services, Audience Manager, and more.

Target Insider Newsletter

The Adobe Target Insider is a monthly newsletter for members of the Adobe Target community. Learn about product updates and future plans, personalization and optimization tips and tricks, customer successes, upcoming events, information-filled white papers, popular blog posts, and more.
Read the announcement letter to learn how to stay optimized with the Adobe Target Insider newsletter.
If you have missed previous newsletters, click the following links to ensure that you don't miss a thing:
The links to the newsletters are currently unavailable.
November 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 11)
In this issue, learn about our recent webinar on experience optimization platforms with guest speaker James McCormick, the Principal Analyst at Forrester. Find out how to develop mobile apps that customers use over and over. Get advice from Matt Ravlich of WestJet about communicating your optimization successes. Discover how two powerful AI features driven by Adobe Sensei enable personalization at scale. And don’t forget to save the date for Adobe Summit.
October 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 10)
We’ve recently added a lot of great new features and enhancements to Adobe Target, including some that were featured in a recent TechCrunch article. Get more detail on our new features through a related blog article and the latest What’s New in Adobe Target. Also, learn how David Parker and his team helped a telco giant company optimize entire customer journey on the company’s website.
September 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 9)
In this edition of the Adobe Target Insider, Leen Habbal, our summer intern, shares her experience as a summer intern on the Adobe Target Product Marketing team. We also introduce Adobe Cloud Platform Auditor, a tool to help you validate that you implemented your Adobe technologies correctly. We explain how AI can push your customer journey to the next level and how to get Adobe Target certified. In addition, we hear from Rob McLaughlin of UK-based telecommunications and media company Sky on how to deliver large scale personalization to customers, and much more.
August 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 8)
In this Adobe Target Insider newsletter, discover Adobe Experience League for Adobe Target, a valuable resource for building your optimization and personalization expertise. Then learn how Jake Mitchell of CarMax relied on Adobe Target for user experience optimization. Finally, dig into the data science under the new Personalization Insights reports in Adobe Target Premium.
July 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 7)
In this edition of the Adobe Target Insider, we introduce Adobe Target Basics, a new webinar series hosted by our Target Community that takes you into the solution user interface (UI) for best practices and tips and tricks. We also share thoughts from Nicolas Mériel about Swisscom’s journey into using AI for personalization, offer highlights from our recent AI in Personalization survey, and much more.
June 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 6)]
We are honored to have been named the only leader in The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimization Platforms, Q2 2018 report and are so grateful to you, our customers, for your support and valuable feedback that helped our solution to earn this honor. Read our blog post on the report, learn five tips for transforming your optimization program from a sideshow, enjoy a recap of our recent Adobe Insider tour stop in Atlanta, and much more.
May 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 5)
In this edition, learn how Adobe Experience Cloud is addressing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 25. Enjoy a recap of our top-rated Adobe Summit sessions in the Personalization track. And for you B2B-ers, read on for insights from a B2B giant, Grainger.
April 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 4)
In this edition, we help you relive some of the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas goodness while introducing a new opportunity to continue those valuable in-person connections with our team and your peers-the Adobe Insider Tour. Then read on to hear about our five finalists in the Adobe Experience Business Excellence awards who shared their personalization success stories of using Adobe Target. In this edition, we help you relive some of the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas goodness while introducing a new opportunity to continue those valuable in-person connections with our team and your peers-the Adobe Insider Tour. Then read on to hear about our five finalists in the Adobe Experience Business Excellence awards who shared their personalization success stories of using Adobe Target.
March 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 3)
This year we've been hard at work developing new innovative features in Adobe Target that we just announced at Adobe Summit. Read about them here, along with some deep-dive technical articles that help you get even more value from Adobe Target.
February 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 2)
In this edition, we provide the Cliff Notes version to the personalization sessions at Adobe Summit. Take a look, pick your sessions, and we'll see you at the big event. Also, learn about and launch the 2018 State of AI in Personalization survey from the article below. There's a Starbucks coffee drink waiting for you when you complete it as a small thank you from us!
January 2018 (Volume 1, Issue 1)
Welcome to the first issue of the Adobe Target Insider, our monthly newsletter chock full of news and resources for Adobe Target users. In this issue, I'll share my thoughts on what's ahead for personalization in 2018. Enjoy.

Contact Adobe Client Care

Client Care is prepared to help you solve any issues that might arise. This page contains the information you need when contacting Client Care to expedite a resolution.

Basic Information

If you encounter issues or have questions when using Target, you have a number of options
For questions, you can ask the Adobe Target experts in the Experience Cloud community or ask us on Twitter at @AdobeExpCare.
For technical issues or to log a bug you can contact Customer Care. To contact Customer Care by telephone, call 1-800-497-0335. Toll free numbers outside the United States can be found on the Adobe Digital Marketing Customer Care Regional Phone Numbers page. When asked to select an option for your product, press 3 to contact the Target team.
E-mail Customer Care at
For the quickest triage of your issue, please have the following basic information ready when you are contacting us:
Brief summary of the overall issue
Account information
Company Name
Admin Number
Campaign Name
Type of Campaign
Report Suite/Report Suite ID (if regarding a Target to SiteCatalyst integration)
Steps to reproduce
Include as much detail as possible, including any URLs needed to duplicate as well as the expected result.
Include enough detail that somebody unfamiliar with Target should be able to follow the directions and reproduce the problem.
P1 (most important) to P4 (least important).
Business impact
What is the impact to your business? For example, is this issue causing revenue loss or rendering the product unusable, and is there a viable workaround?
What do you expect to happen?
Also prepare information related to the specific issue. For example, one of the most common problems received by Client Care is that mboxes load too slowly. For this issue, helpful data includes:
  • A Firebug trace showing the repeatable slowness to a URL or host.
    A gomez report with one or two outlying requests is not enough data to analyze or troubleshoot the issue.
  • A screenshot of a traceroute from the machine running the firebug TO
    This is very important. The EDGE networks are worldwide so it is very difficult to determine where the client is being sent. For example, if you can reproduce the issue from your desktop in your office, say "I can reproduce this from my desktop and I am homed to EDGE 20."
  • Your client code and the mbox name (if you have it).
  • The number of mboxes embedded in the page.
    Is it a single mbox of many on the page that is slow?
  • How repeatable is the slowness with the given mbox on the given page?
    Providing a Firebug trace shows Client Care a one-time case scenario. If you can provide statistical data, such as "the lowest I've seen is 300ms, highest I've seen is 1.1 seconds and I've tested 50 times," it will help to facilitate a solution.
  • Information regarding anything unusual about your campaigns.
    Is there a high number of segments? (For example, do you update segments 3 to 4 times per hour in the admin interface?) This information helps Client Care understand the interaction between the admin interfaces and the edges for this campaign. Frequent updates to the campaign mean frequent reloads from the central server, which can force more remote calls or cache reloads.
  • Any other data you think might be helpful.

In Case of an Outage

If you suspect there is an outage, first check the Experience Cloud System Status page ( This has a record of all outages, incidents and maintenance for Experience Cloud Solutions, including Target, and includes latest updates from our Tech Ops team. If you still require assistance, please ensure you know the following in addition to the information listed above when you contact Customer Care:
  • Time outage started
  • Explanation of what is occurring
  • Scope
  • Expectation of resolution (ETA, severity, and so on)

Contact and Legal Information

Information to help you contact Adobe and to understand the legal issues concerning your use of this product and documentation.

Help & Technical Support

The Adobe Experience Cloud Customer Care team is here to assist you and provides a number of mechanisms by which they can be engaged:
To receive advance notifications about upcoming product enhancements, sign up for the Adobe Priority Product Update:

Service, Capability & Billing

Dependent on your solution configuration, some options described in this documentation might not be available to you. As each account is unique, please refer to your contract for pricing, due dates, terms, and conditions. If you would like to add to or otherwise change your service level, or if you have questions regarding your current service, please contact your Account Manager.


We welcome any suggestions or feedback regarding this solution. Enhancement ideas and suggestions for the Analytics suite can be added to our Customer Idea Exchange.


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