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CNAME and Adobe Target

Information about working with Adobe Client Care to implement CNAME (Canonical Name) support in Target. To best handle ad blocking issues, or ITP-related cookie policies, a CNAME is used so calls are made to a domain owned by the customer rather than a domain owned by Adobe.
Perform the following steps to request CNAME support in Target:
  1. Create CNAME records (see instructions below).
    Upon receiving the ticket, a FPSSL specialist should provide you with a pair of CNAME records. These records must be configured on your company's DNS server before Adobe can purchase the certificate on your behalf.
    The CNAMES will be similar to the following example:
    DNS record: IN CNAME
  2. When these CNAMES are in place, Adobe will work with DigiCert to purchase and install a certificate on Adobe's production servers.
  3. After completing the preceding tasks, you must update the serverDomain to the new CNAME in at.js.