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Profile API settings

Enable or disable authentication for batch updates via API and generate a profile authentication token.
Adobe Target creates and maintains a profile for every individual user. This profile is stored on the Target edge cluster and is updated in real time after every visit, however, you can update a profile individually or in bulk via API.
For added security, you can require that the Bulk Update API call require a valid access token to be passed in the header of the request. Users with Approver permissions can generate and enable profile API authentication tokens.
To require authentication and to generate an access token using the Target UI:
  1. Click Setup > Implementation .
  2. Under Profile API Settings , use the Require Authentication drop-down list to enable or disable authentication requirements.
  3. (Conditional) If you enabled authentication requirements, click Generate Pofile Authentication Token .
    The token expires according to the time listed in the Expires In box.
    You can also generate a profile authentication token via API. For more information, see Profiles on the Adobe Target Developers website .
  4. Copy the token and include it in the header of the request in the format: "Authorization" : "Bearer "
Click Re-generate Profile Authentication Token to regenerate the token as needed.
Resetting this token will cause API calls using the current token to fail. This will require updating any scripts or apps that use this token.