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This function can be called whenever a new page is loaded or when a component on a page is re-rendered. should be implemented for single page applications (SPAs) in order to use the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) to create A/B Tests and Experience Targeting (XT) activities. If is not implemented on the site, the VEC cannot be utilized for SPA. For more information, see Single Page Application implementation .
This function was introduced with at.js 2.x. This function is not available for at.js version 1. x .
Pass in any name as a string type that you want to represent your view. This view name appears in the Modifications panel of the VEC for marketers to create actions and run their A/B and XT activities.
options > page
TRUE: Default value of page is true. When page=true, notifications are sent to the Target backend for incrementing impression count.
If no activity experience or activity metric is associated with the view, no notification is sent.
FALSE: When page=false, notifications are not sent for incrementing impression count. This should be used when you want to only re-render a component on a page with an offer.

Example: True

triggerView() call to send a notification to the Target backend for incrementing activity impressions and other metrics."homeView")

Example: False

triggerView() call to not have notifications sent to the Target backend for impression counting."homeView", {page: false})