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Customize a Global mbox

Information to help you customize a global mbox for both at.js and mbox.js.
  1. Edit mbox.js.
    Go to Target > Administration > Implementation .
    • For mbox.js, click Edit mbox.js Settings .
    • For at.js, select at.js under the Implementation Method, and then click Edit mbox.js Settings .
  2. Edit mbox.js or at.js.
    Disable Auto create global mbox , then add the name of the custom global mbox that you would like to use to deliver activities from Target Standard/Premium. This custom global mbox is also used for click tracking.
    Click Save when you are finished.
  3. Implement the mbox.js or at.js library on your site.
  1. Time the transition with your release.
    As soon as you are ready for Target Standard/Premium to start using your global mbox for all activities moving forward, you can proceed with this step.
    Update the name of the custom global mbox to match the name used in Step 2, above.
    When you save, all activities in your account sync with this mbox. If this mbox is not on your site, all activities will stop functioning.
    Click Save .