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Release notes - Target Node.js SDK

Release notes related to Adobe Target's Node.js SDK .
The Target Node.js SDK lets you deploy Target server-side.
This Node.js SDK helps you easily integrate Target with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, such as the Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager.
The Node.js SDK introduces best practices and removes complexities when integrating with Target via our delivery API so that your engineering teams can focus on business logic.
Learn more about the Target Node.js SDK on the Adobe Tech Blog - Open Sourcing the New Adobe Target Node.js SDK .

Version 1.0.0 (October 9, 2019)

The following sections provide more information about version 1.0.0 of the Target Node.js SDK:


  • Target View Delivery v1 API support, including Page Load and View prefetch.
  • Full support for delivering all types of offers authored in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC).
  • Support for prefetching and notifications for performance optimization by caching prefetched content.
  • Support for optimizing performance in hybrid Target integrations via serverState when Target is deployed both on the server-side and on the client-side.
    We are introducing a setting called serverState that contains experiences retrieved via server-side, so that at.js v2.2+ will not make an additional server call to retrieve the experiences. This approach optimizes page load performance.
  • Open sourced on GitHub as Target Node.js SDK .
  • New sendNotifications() API method for sending displayed/clicked notifications to Target for content prefetched via getOffers() .
  • Simplified View Delivery API request building, with internal field auto-completion with defaults (for example, , request.context , etc.).
  • Validation of SDK API method arguments.
  • Updated README, samples, and unit tests.
  • New CI flow set up using GitHub Actions.
  • Added CoC, Contribution guidelines, PR, and issue templates


  • Project renamed to target-nodejs-sdk .
  • Major refactoring, replacing Target BatchMbox v2 API with Target View Delivery v1 API.
  • create() API method arguments have been modified, removing redundant nesting (see old method declaration here ).
  • getOffers() API method arguments have been modified (see old method declaration here ).
  • The getTargetCookieName() API method has been replaced with TargetCookieName accessor. See TargetClient utility accessors .
  • The getTargetLocationHintCookieName() API method has been replaced with TargetLocationHintCookieName accessor. See TargetClient utility accessors .