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Release notes - Target Node.js SDK

Release notes related to Adobe Target's Node.js SDK .

Version 1.0.0 (October 9, 2019)

The following sections provide more information about version 1.0.0 of the Target Node.js SDK:


  • Target View Delivery v1 API support, including Page Load and View prefetch.
  • Full support for delivering all types of offers authored in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC).
  • Support for prefetching and notifications for performance optimization by caching prefetched content.
  • Support for optimizing performance in hybrid Target integrations via serverState when Target is deployed both on the server-side and on the client-side.
    We are introducing a setting called serverState that contains experiences retrieved via server-side, so that at.js v2.2+ will not make an additional server call to retrieve the experiences. This approach optimizes page load performance.
  • Open sourced on GitHub as Target Node.js SDK .
  • New sendNotifications() API method for sending displayed/clicked notifications to Target for content prefetched via getOffers() .
  • Simplified View Delivery API request building, with internal field auto-completion with defaults (for example, , request.context , etc.).
  • Validation of SDK API method arguments.
  • Updated README, samples, and unit tests.
  • New CI flow set up using GitHub Actions.
  • Added CoC, Contribution guidelines, PR, and issue templates


  • Project renamed to target-nodejs-sdk .
  • Major refactoring, replacing Target BatchMbox v2 API with Target View Delivery v1 API.
  • create() API method arguments have been modified, removing redundant nesting (see old method declaration here ).
  • getOffers() API method arguments have been modified (see old method declaration here ).
  • The getTargetCookieName() API method has been replaced with TargetCookieName accessor. See TargetClient utility accessors .
  • The getTargetLocationHintCookieName() API method has been replaced with TargetLocationHintCookieName accessor. See TargetClient utility accessors .