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Release notes - Target server-side APIs

Release notes related to the Adobe Target server-side APIs .

V1/delivery (October 9, 2019)

An entirely new delivery API endpoint has been released.
  • New documentation is available.
  • One endpoint to retrieve experiences for one or more mboxes.
  • Retrieve VEC-created activities via the API.
    The response that contains VEC-created activities has selectors that can be used to pre-hide only portions of your page that need to be personalized. This helps to optimize your page's First Contentful Paint metric , which is an important KPI for your business to achieve a high score in the Google PageRank system.
  • Support for an entirely new object called Views that is used for Single Page Applications (SPAs) and mobile applications .
  • Support for prefetching of views and mboxes to optimize for performance via caching.
  • Support for sending notifications for prefetched views and mboxes.
The legacy /v1/mbox and /v2/batchmbox API documentation can still be accessed. However, new features will be developed in the new delivery API and will not be back-ported to the legacy APIs.