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Activity settings - A4T FAQ

This topic contains answers to questions that are frequently asked about activity setup and using Analytics as the reporting source for Target (A4T).

Which activity types are support Analytics as the reporting source (A4T)?

For a full list, see "Supported Activity Types" in Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T) .

I just created an activity. Why don't I see any data coming in?

When an activity is created, Target sends a classification file to Analytics. Although Analytics is capturing the and processing the data, it does not show in the reports until the classification file has been updated. This can take up to 24 hours. If after 48 hours you don't see your data, please contact Client Care . Alternately, if you know you will launch an activity, you can create the activity a few days beforehand and the classifications will be sent when the activity is saved. That way, data appears in the reports upon launch. Please note that it takes 45-90 minutes for data to be processed in Analytics.

Why can't I can't select Analytics as my reporting source when I create a new activity?

You can change your Reporting Settings options in Administration.
  1. In Adobe Target, click Administration .
  2. In the Experience Cloud solution used for reporting drop-down list, click Select per Activity .
The Reporting Source drop-down list is enabled in the Goal & Settings screen for creating and editing activities.
To always use Analytics as the reporting source, select Adobe Analytics from the drop-down list in Administration.