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User permission requirements

Information about the user account requirements to create an Adobe Analytics-based activity in Adobe Target (A4T).
Before a report suite can be selected when defining an Analytics activity, you need both an Analytics user account and a Target user account.
Your user accounts must be configured as described in the following sections:

Adobe Experience Cloud

Complete the following tasks in the Adobe Experience Cloud Admin Console :

Configure Experience Cloud group membership

You must be a member of one or more Experience Cloud groups that have access to Analytics and Target.

Adobe Analytics

Complete the following tasks in Adobe Analytics:

Configure access to the Analytics report suite

Before creating or viewing reports for an Analytics-powered activity, you must be a member of the All Report Access group, or a member of a group that has access to at least one report in the report suite that you want to use. If you are unable to view reports, make sure you are a member of one of these groups.
For more information, see Product profiles and groups .

Configure access to the Web Services Access Group

You must belong to the Web Services Access group in Analytics to be able to use Analytics as the reporting source for Target.

Adobe Target

No additional privileges are required.