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Use an Analytics tracking server

If you are using an older version of at.js or mbox.js, you must specify an analytics tracking server for activities that use Analytics for Target (A4T).
If you use Analytics as your activity's reporting source, you do not need to specify a tracking server during activity creation if you are using mbox.js version 61 (or later) or at.js version 0.9.1 (or later). The mbox.js or at.js library automatically sends tracking server values to Target. During activity creation, you can leave the Tracking Server field empty on the Goals & Settings page.
To ensure that data from Target goes to the correct location in Analytics, A4T requires an analytics tracking server to be sent in all calls to Modstats from Target. For implementations using multiple tracking servers you can use the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to determine the correct tracking server for your activity.
The debugger should be viewed on a page where the activity will be delivered to ensure you select the correct tracking server. You can also specify a default tracking server for each account. Contact Customer Care to specify or modify the default.
  1. From the page on which you are creating your activity, open the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger.
    If you have not installed the debugger, see Install Experience Cloud Debugger .
    The analytics tracking server is found in the SiteCatalyst Image section of the debugger. The field is called First Party Cookies or Third Party Cookies depending on the implementation, and the Analytics tracking server value will be in one of these formats:
    • (for CNAME implementations)
    • (for non-RDC implementations)
    • (for RDC implementation)
    Company represents the Analytics company name, metrics is an example of a CNAME value, and d1 is an example of an Analytics data center.
  2. Copy the entire contents of the field.
  3. In the Reporting Settings section of the Goal & Settings screen of your activity, paste the tracking server information in the Tracking Server field.
    You must select Analytics as the Reporting Source for your activity for the Tracking Server field to be available.