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Troubleshoot the Analytics and Target integration (A4T)

This topic covers some common issues that have been encountered when using Analytics as the reporting source for Target (A4T).

Activities do not show data in Analytics, but are instead listed as "unspecified."

There are several reasons why this could happen:
  • Classification in Target hasn't fully processed.
    Classification generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to classify reports after the first save.
  • The report suite doesn't contain any data, but Target has tried to classify hits. Target cannot classify data until the first hit occurs.
    Ensure that the report suite has had at least one hit.
  • The classification call from Target to Analytics failed.
    Contact Customer Care for assistance.
Sometimes data displays correctly in reports, but then reverts back to "unspecified" because a new activity was added that hasn’t completed classification. Remember that it generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to classify reports after the first save.
No data is lost when listed as "unspecified." The data is properly assigned to the appropriate activity or experience after the classification runs.

My Analytics data shows an inflated visit or visitor count since starting A4T.

Estimated lift in revenue metric does not show correct data.

Lift and confidence details are not available in Analytics. They are, however, available in the Target reports.

Activities do not appear in Analytics reports.

A4T activities require an analytics tracking server to be specified. See Using an Analytics Tracking Server to make sure your Analytics Tracking Server is set up correctly.
If you use Adobe Analytics as your activity's reporting source, you do not need to specify a tracking server during activity creation if you are using mbox.js version 61 (or later) or at.js version 0.9.1 (or later). The mbox.js or at.js library automatically sends tracking server values to Target. During activity creation, you can leave the Tracking Server field empty on the Goals & Settings page.

My Analytics segments don't appear in Target.

Make sure you have the right permissions before you start creating A4T activities:
  • You must belong to the Web Services Access group in Adobe Analytics to be able to use Analytics as the reporting source for Target.
  • You must be a member of one or more Experience Cloud groups that have access to Analytics and Target.
  • Verify that Analytics and Target appear in the Marketing Apps section of the left navigation.

Bounce rates, bounces, and exits metrics appear as positives in reports.

This is a known issue.
Although these metrics are negative, the lift is shown as if they were positive in the Target reports. For example, even though you want a lower bounce rate, the higher bounce rate is shown as the winner with highest lift. Be aware of these and similar metrics, and whether you'd prefer to decrease or increase the numbers, when making decisions based on your reports.

The report suite I need does not appear.

The list of report suites that appears in Target Standard/Premium is the list of report suites that have been configured for Analytics as the reporting source for Target. This means you might not see every report suite you have. If you don't see the report suite you are looking for, you should contact Client Care to get it enabled.

I'm not seeing as much data in reports as expected.

Review your implementation, especially on pages where your visitors qualify for experiences and ensure that the supplemental data IDs match in the Target and Analytics calls. In the Target call, the supplemental ID is contained in the mboxMCSDID parameter. In the Analytics call, the supplemental ID is contained in the sdid parameter.
If there is no supplemental data ID in the Target call, confirm that the VisitorAPI.js file is loaded before at.js or mbox.js. If there is no supplemental data ID in the Analytics call, confirm that the Target call fires before the Analytics call.
For more information, see Analytics for Target Implementation or contact Customer Care .