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Create a design

A design defines how recommendations appear on a page.
You can create a Recommendations design using a default design or by creating a custom design. The Recommendations > Designs screen displays both default design cards and any designs you have created. The default designs cannot be edited or deleted.
  1. On the Recommendations > Designs screen, mouse over the card for the design you want to create.
  2. To copy and edit an existing design, click the Copy icon.
    To create a custom design click Create Design on the Recommendations > Designs screen.
  3. Add a Content Name .
    When you use a default design, the design name and "Copy" will appear in the Content Name field. You can edit the name. 1. (Optional) Click to select an image to display on the design card.
  4. Edit the design Code .
    Recommendation designs use the open-source Velocity design language. Information about Velocity can be found at .
    A design can be HTML or non-HTML. By default, HTML designs are wrapped with a
    tag to allow for click-tracking in a Web environment. Non-HTML designs are for non-Web environments where click-tracking is not possible.
    The maximum number of entities that can be referenced in a design, either hardcoded or via loops, is 99.
  5. Click Save .

Training video: Create custom designs in Recommendations (3:20)

This video contains the following information:
  • Create a custom design
  • Understand how to reference display variables in you designs