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Design FAQ

List of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Adobe Target recommendations designs.

Why isn't category showing in the design? I'm using $entity1.categoryId.

Category ID can't be displayed in the design. Because multiple categories can be stored, the system wouldn't know which category to display.

How should I change a design to get an instant update?

Altering the design that is currently in use takes a while to update. To change the design instantly, create a new design, select it in the activity, and save the recommendation.

How can I capture key information for display in the design? Example: If we want to display the key product's category, how would I code that value in the velocity design?

The $key. * value * parameter captures most of the key product's information to display within the design. Example: If you want to display the key product's thumbnail, you would use $key.thumbnailURL .

Which version of Velocity is used?

Version 1.7 with no additional tools or libraries added in. Basic Velocity functionality is available.

How do I replace an existing entity value with a blank? For example, an item's entity.message needs to be cleared when a promotion ends.

Sending in a JavaScript non-breaking space seems to do this. Have the developers send in \u00A0 as the value. Example: entity.message=\u00A0 . You might consider having that be the default value when no value is present instead of a null.

Can I use a profile script in a Recommendations design?

Yes. However, you must add a backslash (\) before the $ in the profile script name.