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Target release notes (current)

These release notes provide information about features, enhancements, and fixes for each Target Standard and Target Premium release. In addition, release notes for Target APIs, SDKs, the JavaScript library (at.js), and other platform changes are also included, when applicable.
  • mbox.js end-of-life : On January 18, 2021, Adobe Target will no longer support the mbox.js library. Post January 18, 2021, all calls made from mbox.js will gracefully fail and impact your pages that have Target activities running by serving default content. We recommend that all customers migrate to the most recent version of the at.js library before this date to avoid any potential issues with your sites. For more information, see How At.js Works and Adobe Target Skill Builder: Developer chat, migrate Adobe Target's mbox.js to at.js .
    Although, mbox.js is currently supported, we have not provided feature updates to this library since July 2017. The newer at.js provides many advantages over mbox.js. Among other benefits, at.js improves page load times for web implementations, improves security, and provides better implementation options for single page applications.
    By moving all customers to at.js, our engineers and support staff will be able to provide you with new functionality and offer the support you have come to expect from Adobe.
  • Target Announcements : See the Target announcements page for information about upcoming events, including Target Skill Builder sessions, developer chats, webinars, and Target Coffee Break sessions. For more information, see Target announcements .
The issue numbers in parentheses are for internal Adobe use.

Target Standard/Premium 20.10.1 (October 27, 2020)

This release contains the following new features:
On-device decisioning lets both marketers and product developers deliver experimentation and Machine Learning-driven personalization from within a user's device, across channels, at near-zero latency.
Speed and performance matters--in customer insights and user satisfaction.
On-device decisioning lets you compile key personalization and experimentation instructions in A/B Test and Experience Targeting (XT) activity types into "optimization artifacts:" JSON objects that are loaded onto customer devices via the CDN. And because on-device decisioning connects natively with Adobe Experience Cloud products, Target users get rapid analysis and faster experience iterations.
For more information, see Introduction to on-device decisioning in the Adobe Target SDKs Guide .
Register now for a live webinar. Join Adobe Target product experts as they discuss how moving critical experience optimization decisions on-device to execute locally with zero latency can open doors to exciting new use cases while improving site performance for your customers.
This release contains the following enhancements, fixes, and changes:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Average Lift Confidence Interval and Confidence from displaying in Auto-Target reporting for the Total row. Measurements displayed correctly for all individual experiences. (TGT-37301)
  • Fixed an issue that impacted Adobe Target Premium users’ Auto-Target reporting from September 15, 2:30 p.m. (PDT) to October 6, 9:25 a.m. (PDT). When viewing reports for the impacted conversion metrics (configured using either the "Viewed a page” or “Clicked on mbox” option), the conversions rates are incorrectly reported. There is no known delivery issue at this time. For information about how to resynchronize and correct your reporting, see Auto-Target reporting under Resolved issues in Known issues and resolved issues .
  • Added a selectable Last Updated At column in the Catalog Search table and a Last Updated At filter. This enhancement saves time and effort because you don't have to open each individual item to see when it was last updated and you can filter by date the items were last updated.
  • Updates were made to help make the Target UI compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level A and AA Success Criteria (WCAG 2.0 AA). (TGT-34384 & TGT-24679)
  • Made Content Security Policy (CSP) improvements. (TGT-37035)
  • Introduced a way to specify the client code as a parameter for customers using CNAME. (TNT-38571)
  • Adobe Experience Cloud documentation is moving to Experience League. During October, all release notes, articles, videos, and tutorials will move from their current location at to Experience League. This move ensures that all learning, self-help, enablement, and community content is served from a single location. When this change occurs, there is nothing you need to do, as all links will be redirected to Experience League. We will update the release notes when the cutover begins.

Additional release notes and version details

Details about changes in each version of the Adobe Target at.js JavaScript library.

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Prerelease Information

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