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Target release notes (current)

These release notes provide information about features, enhancements, and fixes for each Target Standard and Target Premium release.


Be aware of the following important announcements:
  • On February 20, 2019, the Adobe Target infrastructure was upgraded in the EMEA, Japan, and APAC regions to no longer collect data from end users with older devices or web browsers that do not support TLS 1.1 or later. This same upgrade is planned for the North America region for April 1, 2019. Migrating to TLS 1.2 provides improved security. It is important that you go through the specifics and plan out the changes with your IT team for a smooth transition. For more information, see TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption changes.
  • Target and the Adobe Marketing Cloud will drop support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 starting in March 2019. This change affects Target authoring only; this change does not affect experience delivery. Please switch to Microsoft Edge or another browser. For more information, see Supported browsers.

Target Standard/Premium 19.5.1 (May 21, 2019)

This release includes the following features, changes, and enhancements:
(The issue numbers in parentheses are for internal Adobe use.)

Feature updates

Feature / Enhancement
Single Page App Visual Experience Composer (SPA VEC)
The SPA VEC includes the following enhancements to make your work quicker and more efficient:
  • Clicking an action in the SPA highlights the element on the site where this action will be applied. Each VEC action created under a View has four corresponding icons: Information, Edit, Move, and Delete. New "Move" functionality in this release lets you move the action to a Page Load Event or any other View that already exists in the modifications panel. (TGT-33746)
  • You can perform many actions before the page loads in the VEC, or even if the page fails to load altogether (for example, custom code is no longer operational). Actions that cannot be edited before the site loads are disabled in the Target UI. (TGT-33851 & TGT-34149)

Enhancement, fixes, and changes

  • Toolbar icons display appropriately after you cancel loading of a page within the VEC. If specific actions cannot be performed until after the page is fully loaded, the associated toolbar icons are disabled. (TGT-33811)

Mobile App Visual Experience Composer (May 14, 2019)

Feature / Enhancement
Mobile App Visual Experience Composer (VEC)
The Mobile App VEC lets you create activities and personalize content on native mobile apps in a do-it-yourself fashion without continuous development dependencies and app-release cycles.
For more information, see:

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