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Target release notes (prerelease)

These release notes provide information about features, enhancements, and fixes for the latest or upcoming Adobe Target releases.
Last Updated: October 31, 2019
These release notes contain prerelease information. Release dates, features, and other information are subject to change without notice. To view information about the current release, see Target Release Notes . The information on these pages might be the same or it might differ, depending on the timing of releases.
The issue numbers in parentheses are for internal Adobe use.

Target Java SDK version 1.0.1 (November 11, 2019)

The following issue was fixed in version 1.0.1:
  • Send supplemental data ID in a Target request even when there is no Visitor API cookie present.
For more information, see Release notes - Target Java SDK .

Target platform (October 31, 2019)

Feature / Enhancement
Java SDK
The Target Java SDK lets you deploy Target server-side. This Java SDK helps you easily integrate Target with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, such as the Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager.
The Java SDK introduces best practices and removes complexities when integrating with Target via our delivery API so that your engineering teams can focus on business logic. The following are notable features that we are introducing in the latest version:
  • Support for prefetching and notifications that allows you to optimize for performance via caching.
  • Support for optimizing performance when you have a hybrid integration of Target on both your web pages and server-side. We are introducing a setting called serverState that is populated by experiences retrieved via the server-side so that at.js 2.2 will no longer make an additional server call to retrieve the experiences. This approach optimizes page load performance.
  • Support for retrieving VEC-created activities via the Java SDK, which is made possible by the new Delivery API.
  • Open sourced so your developers can contribute to the Target Java SDK .
For more information, see Release notes - Target Java SDK .
Learn more about the Target Java SDK on the Adobe Tech Blog - Server-Side Optimization with the new Target Java SDK .

Target Standard/Premium 19.10.2 (October 31, 2019)

Feature / Enhancement
Work with multi-value attribues
Sometimes you want to work with a multi-value field. Consider the following examples:
  • You offer movies to users. A given movie has multiple actors.
  • You sell tickets to concerts. A given user has multiple favorite bands.
  • You sell clothing. A shirt is available in multiple sizes.
To handle recommendations in these scenarios, you can pass multi-value data to Target Recommendations and use special multi-value operators.

Target Standard/Premium 20.1.1

The Target Standard/Premium 20.1.1 release will be in January 2020. Its exact date, features, and enhancements will be announced here.

Prerelease information

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