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Target release notes (prerelease)

This article contains prerelease information. Release dates, features, and other information are subject to change without notice.
Last Updated: June 24, 2020
To view information about the current release, see Target Release Notes . The information on these pages might be the same, depending on the timing of releases. The issue numbers in parentheses are for internal Adobe use.
  • mbox.js deprecation : On August 30, 2020, Adobe Target will no longer support the mbox.js library. Post August 30, 2020, all calls made from mbox.js will gracefully fail and impact your pages that have Target activities running by serving default content. We recommend that all customers migrate to the most recent version of the at.js library before this date to avoid any potential issues with your sites. For more information, see How At.js Works and Adobe Target Skill Builder: Developer chat, migrate Adobe Target's mbox.js to at.js .
    Although, mbox.js is currently supported, we have not provided feature updates to this library since July 2017. The newer at.js provides many advantages over mbox.js. Among other benefits, at.js improves page load times for web implementations, improves security, and provides better implementation options for single page applications.
    By moving all customers to at.js, our engineers and support staff will be able to provide you with new functionality and offer the support you have come to expect from Adobe.
  • Target Announcements : See the Target announcements page for information about upcoming events, including Target Skill Builder sessions, developer chats, webinars, and Target Coffee Break sessions. For more information, see Target announcements .

Target Standard/Premium 20.7.1 (July 21, 2020)

This release includes the following enhancements:

Administration section UI refresh

We are gradually rewriting the entire Target UI using a new tech stack to be able to offer improved performance, reduce the maintenance time required when releasing new features, and to improve the user experience across the product. The first section refreshed is the Setup section, which has been renamed Administration.
As part of this refresh, you will be able to easily perform many actions using the pages in the Administration section, such as:
  • Download the latest at.js file from the Implementation tab ( Administration > Implementation ).
  • Customize your at.js settings and be able to easily review your changes ( Administration > Implementation ).
  • Modify enhanced reporting settings, such as the default currency and time zone, IPs to exclude from reporting, etc. ( Administration > Reporting )
  • Obfuscate visitor IP addresses for privacy reasons ( Administration > Implementation )
  • View the existing list of users per workspace and their roles, before managing them in Adobe Admin Console ( Administration > Users ).
  • Search and filter all tables in the Administration section.

Prerelease information

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