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Reporting FAQ

List of frequently asked questions about reporting in Target.

Why do my Experience Targeting (XT) reports contain metrics for control experiences?

XT activities should always have a control experience. If you are using an XT activity in a similar manner to an A/B Test activity, which is a fairly common scenario, the control experience data is useful. You can ignore the control experience data if you find it not useful in your reports.

Why are the number of visits lower in Target than in other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions?

Metric numbers, for example visits, reported by Target will always be lower than the reported numbers in other Experience Cloud solutions for a number of reasons:
  • Target counts visits only for visitors that qualified for the activity. Other solutions count visits for visitors that display the page, regardless of which activity brought them to the page.
  • There might be situations where different activities compete for the same location (mutually exclusive). As a result, visitors see different content on a web page, which affects the metric numbers reported by Target.

Why is there no data available for my activity's report?

If an activity's content was successfully delivered to users but its report contains no data, ensure that you have the correct environment ( host group ) selected in the report's settings.
If you have a development environment selected, you might see the following error message: "There is no data available for the selected report settings."
To change the environment for an activity's report:
  1. Click Activities , click the desired activity from the list, then click the Reports tab.
  2. Click the gear icon to configure report settings.
    The gear icon is not available for Automated Personalization (AP) reports.
  3. From the Environment drop-down list, select Production .
    Report data might not be available if you have a development environment selected.
  4. Click Save .
For more information about environments, see Hosts .