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Information about the character limits and other limits (offer size, audiences, profiles, values, parameters, etc.) that affect activities and other elements in Adobe Target.
The limits listed below are recommended limits. When these limits are approached or exceeded, performance can slow. Slow interface load times can also be caused by a very complex activity, such as many audiences, targets, and experiences all in one activity.
Highly complex activities should be reviewed with Adobe Consulting and tested in a limited environment before being released to production.

Activity names

Limit: 250 characters.

Audience names

Limit: 256 characters.
Values longer than 256 characters are truncated.

categoryId parameter

Limit: 250 characters.

Customer attribute names

Limit: 128 characters.

Entity custom attributes

Limit: The maximum length depends on the language.
  • 15,000 characters (single-value, one- and two-byte languages)
  • 500 values, 100 characters per value (multi-value)
The maximum length of single-value entity custom attributes is 15,000 characters (for one- and two-byte UTF-8 encoded languages such as English and other Latin-script alphabets) or 10,000 characters (for three-byte UTF-8 encoded languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
Multi-value entity custom attributes can contain no more than 500 values. Each individual value is limited to 100 characters. The total number of characters across all values must conform to the limitations for the maximum length of single-value entity custom attributes (see above.)

entityID parameters

Limit: 1,000 characters.


Limit: 5 KB for POST requests. 2,083 characters minus the length of the URL for GET requests.
For GET requests, although the limit on the back end is 5 KB, due to the fact that Microsoft Internet Explorer limits the URL to 2,083 characters, the realistic limit is 2,083 characters minus the current length of the URL.

Experience names

Limit: 20 characters.

In-mbox profile attribute value

Limit: 256 characters.
Values longer than this get truncated.

In-mbox profiles in an mbox request

Limit: 50 profiles.
All profiles after 50 are ignored.

In-mbox profile names

Limit: 128 characters.

mbox names

Limit: 250 characters.

mbox parameters

Limit: The following limits apply to mbox parameters:
  • mbox parameters: 500 parameters per mbox.
  • Profile parameters: 500 parameters.
  • profile parameters per mbox:
  • Other Parameters (URL, referring URL, etc.): 50 per mbox for each other parameter type.
For parameters that get logged in the Target database, the limits above are for standard mbox requests. These limits apply unless the request is shortened due to web browser limitations.
If you are using the Batch Delivery API in the Mobile Services SDK, the limit of 50 mbox parameters, 50 profile parameters, and 50 for other parameter types are limitations of the API itself. It is not possible to send a request containing more that these numbers using the Batch Delivery API. If a request contains more than these limits, the API will return the following error message: "The number of mboxParameters cannot exceed 100."

mbox request URLs

Limit: 2,083 characters.
This limit is due to Microsoft Internet Explorer URL length restrictions.

mbox3rdPartyId parameter

Limit: 60 characters.

Offer names

Limit: 250 characters.

Offer size

Limit: The following size limits apply to offers:
  • 256 KB for HTML offers.
  • 64 KB for visual offers from the UI.
  • 512 KB from the API.
If you are using a global mbox, the limit is for the whole set of content returned for the page. Limiting offer size improves page load times. If the limit is exceeded, the following message appears:
"The content for the experience is too large to deliver. Please modify the experience to affect less page code."

orderId parameter

Limit: 120 characters.
Recommended limit.

orderTotal parameter

Limit: 120 characters.
Recommended limit.

productPurchasedId parameter

Limit: 47 characters per comma-separated value.
Anything longer is truncated by the system.

Reusable Audiences/Account

Limit: 75 audiences.
Recommended limit. JavaScript timeouts occur in the interface if you have too many.

Script profile input box in the Target UI

Limit: 2,000 characters.
Recommended limit. Depends on the size of the encoded string, which could be much longer than the raw string. If the string is too large, it fails before it gets to Adobe Target.

Script profile names

Limit: 50 characters.

Script profile values

Limit: 2,048 characters.
For performance reasons, we recommend a return value that is no longer than 256 characters.
For a String return value, if the size of the return value exceeds 2,048 characters, the script is disabled by the system.
For an array return value, if the size of the concatenated values of the array exceeds 2,048 characters, the script is disabled by the system.

Target conditions

Limit: 1,000 values.
Recommended limit. This refers to the number of line-separated values in the targeting text area. For example, entering 1,000 zip codes into a zip code target.