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AEM Screens Security Checklist

The AEM Screens Security Checklist page describes the key security areas with a checklist of questions and considerations.

Checklist Table

Security Area
AEM and Screens Software updates
a. Has the latest Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) service pack been applied?
c. Are you using the latest available AEM Screens Player software from AEM Screens Player Downloads ?
Physical Security
a. Have you disabled all unnecessary ports?
c. Are you using any containers if applicable?
Network Security
a. Are you using an isolated subnet for your signage devices?
c. Have you secured your Wi-Fi using enterprise best practices?
e. Have you unblocked the range of IP addresses of the player devices so only authorized devices can access the registration service on author?
Operating System Security
a. Have you upgraded to the latest version of the operating system and applied all necessary security patches?
c. Have you enrolled the device into device management to enforce enterprise policies?
e. Do you have a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in place for installing OS security updates over time?
Application Security
a. Have you disabled the Admin UI, Channel Switcher and Activity UI for production?
c. Are you using https for connecting to AEM?
g. Have you classified the data being used and that no PII or PHI exists on device?
h. Have you classified the data being used and that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) exists on device?
i. Have you configured monitoring E-mails, and do you have an SOP in place for responding to monitoring emails and handling non-pinging devices?
Access Control
a. Do you have a Role Based Access Control (RBAC) identified and managed in-house?

Downloading Security Checklist

To download the AEM Screens Security Checklist, click here .