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Understanding Calls to the Demdex Domain

Audience Manager and the Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service make calls to and receive data from the domain. This may seem like Adobe is working with an unusual third-party domain, but this is not the case. This section describes the elements in a call.
Call Element Description
This is a legacy domain controlled by Adobe . It reflects Audience Manager 's original, pre-acquisition name ( Demdex ). Adobe acquired Demdex in 2011 and re-branded the company as Audience Manager . It is difficult to change this domain because it is entwined deeply with Audience Manager , the ID service , and our installed user base. See History and Background .
You may see other prefixes attached to legacy calls (e.g., , , etc.). Regardless of the prefix, a call to something is always a call to Adobe and not to some unknown or suspicious third-party domain.
DPM is an abbreviation for Data Provider Match . It tells internal, Adobe systems that a call from Audience Manager or the ID service is passing in customer data for synchronization or requesting an ID. This is the most common call you'll see from Audience Manager or the ID service .
DPM call basics:
Note: ID service customers can change the DPM prefix in the domain name. See audienceManager Server and audienceManagerServerSecure .