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Delivery Methods for Metadata Files

Send or update metadata files by sending them to a special Amazon S3 directory for your Audience Manager account. Refer to this section for information about delivery/directory paths, file processing times, and updates.

Delivery Path Syntax and Example

Data is stored in separate namespace for each customer in an Amazon S3 directory. The file path follows the syntax shown below. Note, angle brackets <>
.../log_ingestion/pid=<AAM ID>/dpid=<d_src>/meta/<yyyymmdd_0_child ID>

This is the start of the directory storage path. You'll receive the full path when everything is set up.
pid=<AAM ID>
This key-value pair contains your Audience Manager customer ID.
<yyyymmdd_0_child ID>
This is the file name. See Naming Conventions for Metadata Files .

File Processing Times and Updates

Metadata files are processed four times a day, at regular intervals.
To update your metadata records, just send a file that contains new information. You don't need to send full updates each time.