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Web Analytics

The workflows detailed below are installed with the Web Analytics connectors module by default. For more on this module, refer to this section .
Label Internal name Description
Sending of indicators and campaign attributes webAnalyticsSendMetrics This workflow lets you send email campaign indicators from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Experience Cloud Suite via the Adobe® Genesis connector. The indicators concerned are as follows: Sent (iSent), Total count of opens (iTotalRecipientOpen), Total number of recipients who clicked (iTotalRecipientClick), Errors (iError), Opt-Out (opt-out) (iOptOut).
Identification of converted contacts webAnalyticsFindConverted This workflow indexes site visitors that have completed their purchase after a re-marketing campaign. The data recovered by this workflow can be accessed in the Re-marketing efficiency report (Refer to this page ).
Event purge webAnalyticsPurgeWebEvents Lifespan
Recovery of web events webAnalyticsGetWebEvents Every hour, this workflow downloads segments on internet user behavior on a given site, puts them into the Adobe Campaign database and launches the re-marketing workflow.