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Provides a predictive time of the best time for delivering an email to an individual.
This function uses a score calculated in the Adobe Experience Platform. The score calculates the propensity to click or open an email in the future based on past behavior. Note that the algorithm calculating the score needs a certain amount of data to work. As a result, when it does not have enough data, the default time will apply. For more information, see Wait activity .
To use this function, a namespace is needed.
Note that the best send time score can be unavailable if there is not enough data to perform the calculation. In this case, you will be informed, at publication time, that the default time applies.


Adobe Experience Platform

Function syntax



amount of time
Number of hours to consider from the current time (max : 168) to optimize email sending
optimization type
"open" or "click"
default time in hours to wait
In case the predictive send time scores are not available

Signature and returned type

Returns a dateTime.


Explanation :
The function will return the best time to send a message in the next 12 hours, in order to optimize the probability for the individual in the journey instance to open it. In case there is not enough data to perform the calculation, the returned time is in 8 hours from the current time.