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Leveraging Journey AI

This use case will show you how to leverage fatigue scores to avoid over-soliciting your customers in your journeys.
The predictive fatigue score capability is only available to customers who use the Adobe Campaign Standard Data Service feature.

Configuring the event

Follow the steps described in About events .

Configuring the data source

Perform the following steps to select the fatigue score fields in the built-in data source:
  1. In the top menu, click the Data Sources tab and select the build-in Adobe Experience Platform data source.
  2. Check that the fields required for your use case are selected.
  3. Click Add a New Field Group , select the Profiles model and add the fatigueLevel and fatigueScore fields (under journeyAI > emailScore > fatigue ).
  4. Click Save .

Building the journey

To create, validate and publish the journey, follow the steps described in Creating a journey .
In our use case, we're leveraging the fatigueLevel field. You can also use the fatigueScore field.
Perform the following steps to leverage the fatigue level in your journey:
  1. Add an event and a condition in your journey.
  2. Choose the Data Source Condition type and click in the Expression field.
  3. Using the simple expression editor, look for the fatigueLevel field ( ExperiencePlatformDataSource > JourneyAIScores > Profile > journeyAI > emailScore > fatigue ), drop it to the right and create the following condition: "fatigueLevel is equal to "Low". Click Ok .
    The advanced expression is:
    #{ExperiencePlatformDataSource.JourneyAIScores.Profile.journeyAI.emailScore.fatigue.fatigueLevel} == "low"
  4. In the condition, create two other paths for medium and high fatigue levels.
  5. You can now add different actions for each fatigue level.