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Software Distribution


As of June 2020, the Experience Cloud solution Software Distribution page replaces the download platform's PackageShare for AEM and Neolane for Campaign. It provides a more efficient experience to find and download your software. An intuitive user interface, a simplified search and a greatly improved download speed make downloading software packages for Experience Cloud products a great user experience. Approved software packages from Adobe and packages from partner companies are now available for the following products:
  1. Adobe Experience Manager - Everything related to Service and Maintenance, Security, Tooling and more - for all supported AEM versions.
  2. Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service - AEM Cloud SDK, AEM Cloud migration tools and more.
  3. Adobe Campaign - All current Campaign installer versions and related tools.
  4. General - General purpose tooling including Oracle JDKs for Adobe customers.

Access to Software Distribution

Go to and sign in to Software Distribution with your Adobe ID.
Login credentials from Package Share or Neolane will not work in Software Distribution, which provides capabilities to sign in with Adobe-wide security standards. If you do not know your Adobe ID, please contact a Support Administrator within your organization.