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AEP Extension Release Notes

May 4, 2020

AEP Extension 0.1.2


  • configId edgeConfigId Renamed configId to edgeConfigId.
  • viewStart renderDecisions Renamed viewStart to renderDecisions, set to false by default. If set to true, Personalization offers are fetched and auto-rendered.
  • Changes related to Get Decisions :
    • Removed the getDecisions command.
    • Added a scopes option to the sendEvent command. Decisions are returned in the sendEvent resolved promise.
    • Added a built-in __view__ scope which will result in returning page/view wide offers. (VEC offers in Target for example.) Those decisions return from the sendEvent command only if renderDecisions is set to false.
    • Added a Decisions Received event, which fires when decisions become available.
  • Combined multiple Personalization notifications under a single server call.
  • Fixed issue in Event Merge ID where it was being reset every time the data element was referenced.
  • Renamed the setCustomerIds action to syncIdentity .
  • Added a getIdentity command. This can be consumed via custom code only for now.
  • Enabling debug using _satellite now enables debugging in the AEP Extension.
  • Added support for typed values in the XDM Object: Booleans, Numbers and Decimals.

March 16, 2020

AEP Extension 0.0.10


  • Combined the concepts of Opt-In & Opt-Out under Consent , and added a new setConsent command.
  • Added a new Data Element of type XDM Object which allows mapping from JavaScript/JSON to XDM.

February 18, 2020

AEP Extension 0.0.7


  • Removed idSyncContainerId, datasetId, schemaId, urlDestinationsEnabled, and cookieDestinationsEnabled options
  • Added support for hyphens in edgeDomain option value
  • Request made during ID migration is sent to demdex endpoint to improve cross-domain identification when demdex cookie is not set
  • Request made during ID migration always expects a response to ensure identity cookie gets set
  • When executing an invalid command, a list of valid command names will be logged in the console
  • Added checkbox for toggling third-party cookie support to the Launch extension. This disables calls to

December 20, 2019

AEP Extension 0.0.5


  • Add Activity Tracker configs to Launch Extension
  • Expose EventType and EventMergeId on event command
  • Add onBeforeEventSend config to Launch Extension
  • Add edgeBasePath config to Launch Extension

Update to Alloy v. 0.0.10 which includes the following changes:

  • Implement Client Storage: State and cookies logic moved to the server
  • Expose EventType and EventMergeId on event command
  • Use sendBeacon for link tracking other than exit links
  • Bring back ID Syncs minus checking for expiry
  • setCustomerIds command not hashing ids on non-SSL (http) pages
  • Pass the APEX domain to the server to be used when setting state/cookies
  • Pick up the ECID from the response using a new handle type
  • Remove defaults for Activation & Identity configs
  • Rename + move query options to meta
  • Legacy ECID Migration

Bug Fixes

  • On unexpected status code, parse and format response body for error message
  • Running debug command or using alloy_debug gets overwritten by configuration

November 25, 2019

AEP Extension 0.0.3


  • New Merge ID and Type fields on the Send Event action. Merge ID maps to xdm.eventMergeID in the XDM schema and Type maps to xdm.eventType in the XDM schema.
  • Improved error handling and reporting
  • Now uses sendBeacon for all links

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where toggling debugging through a query string parameter or the debug command wouldn't persist through the session.

November 18, 2019

AEP Extension 0.0.2


  • Extension winked into existence
  • ECID support with no additional libraries or networks calls
  • Opt-in support
  • Support sending XDM to AEP
  • First-party domain support
  • Automatically collect browser context
  • Fully open source ( extension , SDK )
  • Detailed logging
  • Ability to hide errors in production