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Getting started with the Observability Insights API

この Observability Insights APIを使用すると、Adobe Experience Platformの様々な機能の指標データを取得できます。 This document provides an introduction to the core concepts you need to know before attempting to make calls to the Observability Insights API.

API 呼び出し例の読み取り

The Observability Insights API documentation provides example API calls to demonstrate how to format your requests. この中には、パス、必須ヘッダー、適切な形式のリクエストペイロードが含まれます。また、API レスポンスで返されるサンプル JSON も示されています。For information on the conventions used in documentation for sample API calls, see the section on how to read example API calls in the Experience Platform troubleshooting guide .


In order to make calls to Platform APIs, you must first complete the authentication tutorial . Completing the authentication tutorial provides the values for each of the required headers in all Experience Platform API calls, as shown below:
  • Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}
  • x-api-key: {API_KEY}
  • x-gw-ims-org-id: {IMS_ORG}
All resources in Experience Platform are isolated to specific virtual sandboxes. All requests to Platform APIs require a header that specifies the name of the sandbox the operation will take place in. For more information on sandboxes in Platform, see the sandbox overview documentation .
  • x-sandbox-name: {SANDBOX_NAME}


APIを使用した呼び出しを開始するには、 Observability Insights​ 指標エンドポイントガイドに進みます