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アクティビティ情報の Adobe Analytics への送信

This section describes how to send Target mobile app activity information to Adobe Analytics for post hoc segmentation.
  • This integration requires that Analytics and Target are implemented using the mobile SDK.
  • Ensure that your report suite is enabled to receive activity information from Target.
    This is usually done by adding the Target client code to the Analytics report suite. これは、WebアクティビティにSiteCatalyst- Test&Target統合を使用している場合に、既に有効になっている可能性があります。この手順については、Adobe ClientCareにお問い合わせください。
  1. アクティビティ情報を取得します。
    If you include a string like the following in your experience content, Target returns the activity information that you can send to Analytics:
      "tntVal": ${}:${}:${campaign.recipe.trafficType}", 
      "title":"Welcome Message", 
      "message":"Get Free Shipping Today!" 
    In this example, a node with the variable tntVal is added to obtain the activity information. 適切なタイトルとメッセージを使用して、他のエクスペリエンスに類似したコードを追加します。
    This string delivers a number (such as 115110:0:0) in the response from Target. これは、アクティビティID、エクスペリエンスID、トラフィックタイプを示します。 The following is a sample response from Target:
      "tntVal": 115110:0:0", 
      "title":"Welcome Message", 
      "message":"Get Free Shipping Today!" 
  2. JSONオブジェクトを解析します。
    Parse the response that came back from Target in the callback. You can use NSJSONSerialization to parse this response and store it in a dictionary or an array.
    詳細は、 NSJSONSerializationのドキュメント を参照してください。
  3. Send the data to Analytics.
    Add the parsed activity information (such as tntVal in the above response) to your context data object in an Analytics call. This Analytics call containing the context data can be fired immediately or it can wait until the next Analytics call is fired.
    例えば、 targetLoadRequest 呼び出しのコールバックでこの呼び出しを実行できます。
    [ADBMobile trackAction:@"Welcome Screen"  
          data:@{@"&&tnt" : tntVal from response}];
    &&tnt は、モバイル SDK の予約イベントキーです。The post-classification of the tntVal variable in Analytics works in the same way in the mobile SDK as it does on the web (JavaScript). After the information is processed in Analytics, you should see activity and experience names in the Analytics interface.