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Start and end


Start AND End 활동을 통해 워크플로우가 시작되고 끝나는 위치를 명확히 표시할 수 있습니다.

Context of use

워크플로우 실행은 인바운드 전환이 없는 활동으로 시작되고 더 이상 진행 중인 작업이 없을 때 중지됩니다. Nevertheless, you can add Start and End activities to clearly mark the starting and ending points of a workflow. 이 기능은 비교적 복잡한 워크플로우에 특히 유용합니다.
It is a best practice to use an End activity instead of leaving the last transition of a workflow on its own to ensure that the workflow properly ends.


  1. Drag and drop a Start or End activity into your workflow.
  2. Put the Start activity in front of other activities such as queries, and the End activity after a series of activities.
  3. Select the activity, then open it using the button from the quick actions that appear.
  4. You can configure the End object so that it interrupts all of the workflow's ongoing tasks, including those that have not finished. 이렇게 하려면 해당 옵션을 선택합니다.
  5. 활동의 구성을 확인하고 워크플로우를 저장합니다.

Triggering another workflow

Using the External signal tab of an End activity, you can trigger another workflow. Refer to the External signal section.


The following example shows how a complex workflow is executed with a Start activity and several End activities. Stop all tasks in progress 상자에 End 첫 번째 활동이 있는지 확인되었습니다. Once the corresponding task is finished, the entire workflow will be stopped: it will have the same effect as if the button had been selected (refer to the Action bar section).