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Marketing Reports & Analytics优惠了几份独立报告,这些报告是主要路径报告与预定义过滤器, Next 如 Previous Site Section 和报告、条目 Exit Site Section 和报告以及 Single Site Section 报告。
Report Builder does not offer these as standalone reports, but you can create them through the Add dependent request > Path context menus. 下面提供了可创建的报表:
  • “路径”>“页面流失”
  • “路径”>“登入路径”
  • “路径”>“退出路径”
  • “路径”>“下一页”
  • “路径”>“登入路径”>“下一页”
  • “路径”>“上一页”
  • “路径”>“退出路径”>“上一页”
  • “路径”>“登入路径”>“作为登入页”
  • “路径”>“退出路径”>“作为退出页”
  1. 从现有请求中选择多行,然后右键单击 Add Dependent Request > Path
    (Note that you have to select at least 3 rows if you want to see the Page Fallout menu item.)
  2. Select the predefined filter, for example Previous Page .
    此时会出现“请求向导”,其中已选定“上一页”量度。1. 继续在“请求向导”中优化并生成您的请求。