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  1. In Adobe Report Builder, click Create to open the Request Wizard.
  2. 选择适当的报表包。
  3. In the tree view on the left, select Paths > Page > Page Fallout .
  4. 配置相应的 日期范围
  5. 单击​ 下一步
  6. In Step 2 of the Wizard, under Row Labels , click the Define Checkpoints link. (在流失报表中,您始终必须定义路径元素,这与预先应用了模式的路径报表不同。)
  7. Select the Filter option.
  8. In the Define Site Section Fallout Checkpoints dialog, define checkpoints from a range of cells or from a list. Then click OK .
  9. 确定从单元格范围还是列表进行选择。
  10. If you select from a list, click Add to select checkpoints to add to the fallout path. 您可以定义 3 至 8 个检查点。(Search for available elements by clicking More .)
    For more information on refining the filter, see Filter Dimensions . 1. Move Available Elements from the left column to the right by selecting them and clicking the orange arrow.
  11. Click OK three times, then click Finish .