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此标记用于禁用某些浏览器的强制链接跟踪。FireFox 20 及更高版本和 WebKit 浏览器均默认启用强制链接跟踪。
When useForcedLinkTracking is enabled, the AppMeasurement file overrides the default link behavior on some browsers to prevent the track link call from being canceled when the new page opens. AppMeasurement文件执行跟踪链接调用并手动处理导航事件,而不是使用默认的浏览器操作。
在 JavaScript H.25.4(2013 年 2 月发布)中,向 useForcedLinkTracking 启用时所跟踪的链接添加了以下范围限制。自动强制链接跟踪仅适用于:
  • <A> <AREA> 标记.
  • 标记必须具有 HREF 属性.
  • The HREF can't start with # , about: , or javascript: .
  • The TARGET attribute must not be set, or the TARGET needs to refer to the current window ( _self , _top , or the value of ).
Default value = true


s.useForcedLinkTracking = false