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Managing groups and users

About security groups

For more information on roles, the tables in the following page present the different operations available according to a user's role(s): Adobe Campaign Standard authorizations .
  • Administrators
  • Delivery supervisors
  • Message Center agents
  • Standard Users
  • Workflow supervisors
如果用户未链接到任何安全组,他将无法访问Adobe Campaign。
To restrict a user's access, do not add the user to the Campaign Standard users group as this is linked to All organizational unit.

Creating a security group and assigning users

请注意,在Admin Console中,安全组被称为配置文件。
如果现成用户组不足以管理用户,您可以创建自己的安全组。管理员可以由有权访问Adobe Campaign管理菜单和管理控制台的管理员管理。For more information on the Admin console, refer to this documentation .
这里,我们首先需要为用户分配两个现成的用户组Standard用户和管理员。这些安全组将限制Adobe Campaign的某些功能:Standard用户对Adobe Campaign拥有基本访问权限,而管理员可以访问管理菜单。
请注意,在用户登录Adobe Campaign后,管理控制台上对安全组所做的任何更改都将同步。
  1. In the Admin console, select your instance then the Users tab.
  2. Click the Add user button and enter your user's email address.
  3. In the Assign Products tab, select your instance then the Administrators out-of-the-box security group from the drop-down list. 这将允许用户访问管理菜单并创建下一个安全组。
  4. Click Save and follow the same procedures to assign the Standard Users out-of-the-box security group to your new user.
Once your two users are attached to the Administrators and Standard users out-of-the-box security groups which assign roles to our users, the Administrator user can now create the two security groups Geometrixx and Geometrixx Clothes that will assign organizational units to our users in addition to the out-of-the-box security groups.
  1. In the Admin console, select your instance then the Products tab.
  2. Click the New Profile button to create the Geometrixx security group.
  3. Type the Profile name by following this exact syntax: Campaign Standard- instance name - ID of the security group and click Done .
    在Adobe Campaign中创建安全组时,将使用选定的ID。
    If the above syntax doesn't seem to work with an older instance, it needs to be replaced by Campaign - instance name - ID of the security group .
  4. Then, follow the same procedures to create the Geometrixx Clothes security group.
  5. Assign your security group to your user by selecting the Users tab.
  6. Click your previously created user then the icon in the Products category.
    Select Edit products assigned directly to start assigning new security group to your user.
  7. In the Assign Products tab, select your instance then your previously created security groups Geometrixx from the drop-down list to assign it to your Administrator user.
    Click Save .
    • 将累积不同组的角色。此处,用户位于两个不同的组中:在单元上扮演角色的角色。
    • It is the unit that is the highest in the hierarchy that will be used (see example in the Organizational units section).
    • 如果单位具有相同的对等级别并且层次结构中的并行分支,则用户将不再能够连接。
  8. 按照相同的过程将Geometrixx服装安全组分配给您的标准用户。
新创建的安全组现在Admin Console中创建。为使它们完全同步,您还需要在Adobe Campaign中创建它们。
管理员用户必须创建用于分配组织单位的安全组集:Geometrixx和Geometrixx服装。To learn how to create organizational units, see Creating and managing units .
  1. Click the Adobe Campaign logo, in the top left corner, then select Administration > Users & Security > Security groups .
  2. Create your new security group and specify its Label and ID .
    ID必须与在Admin Console中所选的ID相同。
  3. User access 在字段中,分配组织单位。Here, the Geometrixx security group is assigned the All organizational unit.
  4. 您还可以为安全组分配角色。In our case, this step is not needed since the out-of-the-box security groups Administrators and Standard users are used to assign roles.
  5. 按照相同的过程创建最后一个安全Geometrixx服装并指定Geometrixx服装单位单位。
您的用户现在分配给安全组,并且可以连接到Adobe Campaign。
如果用户从管理控制台中的安全组中删除,他们将仍然属于Adobe Campaign安全组的一部分,并且将无法再登录Adobe Campaign。在这种情况下,请在管理控制台中删除用户的电子邮件地址,以防止他们接收敏感信息。