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Adding a content block

Adobe Campaign提供预配置的内容块列表。这些内容块是动态的、个性化的并具有特定的渲染。例如,您可以添加问候或指向镜像页面的链接。
The images below show how to insert a content block using the Email Designer for an email.
  1. Click inside a text block, click the Personalize icon from the contextual toolbar and select Insert content block . For more on the Email Designer interface, see this section .
  2. 选择要插入的内容块。可用的基块因上下文(电子邮件或登陆页面)而异。
  3. Click Save .
  • Database URL in emails (EmailUrlBase) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Mirror page URL (MirrorPageUrl) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Link to mirror page (MirrorPage) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Greetings (Greetings)
  • Unsubscription link (UnsubscriptionLink) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Social network sharing links (LandingPageViralLinks) :此内容块只能在 登陆页面 ​中使用。
  • Default sender name (DefaultSenderName) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Name of default reply-to email address (DefaultReplyName) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Email address of default sender (DefaultSenderAddress) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Default error email address (DefaultErrorAddress) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Default reply-to email address (DefaultReplyAddress) :此内容块只能在 交付 ​中使用。
  • Brand name (BrandingUsualName)
  • Link to the brand website (BrandingWebSiteLink)
  • Brand logo (BrandingLogo)
  • Notification style (notificationStyle)

Creating custom content blocks

  1. Click Resources > Content blocks from the advanced menu to access the list of content blocks.
  2. Click the Create button or duplicate a pre-existing content block.
  3. 输入标签。
  4. Select the block's Content type . 有三个可用选项:
    • Shared :内容块可用于交付或登陆页面。
    • Delivery :内容块只能在交付中使用。
    • Landing page :内容块只能在登陆页面中使用。
  5. You can select a Targeting dimension . For more on this, see About targeting dimension .
  6. You can select the Depends on format option to define two different blocks: one for HTML emails, and one for emails in text format. 随后将在编辑器中显示两个选项卡(HTML和文本)以定义相应的内容。
  7. Enter the content of the content block(s), and click the Create button.
When editing the content of a block, make sure there are no extra white spaces between the beginning and the end of your if statements. 在HTML中,空白会显示在屏幕上,因此它们会影响您的内容布局。

About targeting dimension

For example, the Unsubscription link block's targeting dimension is Profiles because it contains personalization fields specific to the Profiles resource. Therefore, you cannot use an Unsubscription link block in an event transactional message , because the targeting dimension of that type of message is Real-time events . However, you can use the Unsubscription link block in a profile transactional message , because the targeting dimension of that type of message is Profiles . Finally, the Link to mirror page block does not have a targeting dimension, so you can use it in any message.
For more on this, refer to Targeting dimensions and resources .