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此示例中定义的工作流展示了两个 Read audience 活动的并集。此工作流程的目标,是向 18 至 30 岁的金牌或银牌会员发送电子邮件。系统中已创建特定受众以跟踪金牌和银牌会员。
  • A first Read audience activity that retrieves the Gold members audience and refines it by selecting only profiles that are between 18 and 30 years old.
  • 其次是 Read audience 活动,用于检索银牌会员受众,并通过仅选择 18 到 30 岁之间的用户档案对其进行优化。
  • A Union activity that unites populations from both Read audiences activities into one final population.
  • An Email delivery activity that sends the email to the population coming from the Union activity.